Extreme Immunity
Take Control of Your Immune System

Extreme Immunity is a pure natural dietary supplement that boosts your immune system naturally. In fact it contains more Immunoglobulin and Albumin proteins per gram than any other natural supplement and an astounding 585 Amino Acids! Imagine how you would feel if your cells were happy and pumping out energy at a record rate? Receive 24/7 immune support. Extreme Immunity uses patented immune enhancing technology and is available in capsule or powder form.

Capsules are Enteric coated, preventing deterioration caused by stomach acids, thereby aiding assimilation of beneficial enzymes in the lower intestines.

Extreme Immunity…

  • * Protects against pathogens
  • * Contains the most plentiful supply of amino acids
  • * Is an anti-inflammatory
  • * Helps in recovery between workouts

Extreme Immunity is the most important immune boosting nutritional supplement to come on the market in many years. The combination of concentrated immunoglobulin and albumin proteins offers potent protection against the many toxins and pathogens which have become far too prevalent in our daily lives.


Taken as a daily supplement to your diet, Extreme Immunity will help boost your immune system and protect you against auto-immune diseases by strengthening your gut lining and allowing toxins to be eliminated from your body rather than absorbed into your body.


Featured Products

  • “If I were to recommend you take only one supplement out of the tens of thousands offered out there, it would be this one. Probably over even a multivitamin. Give it a try, you’ll be impressed as well.”
    - P. Anderson, Portland, OR
  • "I am a biochemist and have used the active ingredients in Extreme Immunity for more than 7 years. Itis a safe and effective proteincontaining the same immunoglobulins that our own body has, and uses."
    - J. Stitley, Sedona, AZ
  • "I am not sure how this is working, but I haven't caught a cold or flu even when I am around sick people. This is unusual for me, I have very low immune system and always sick in during the winter season."
    - J . Parl, San Mateo, CA
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