How It Works

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Extreme Immunity has remained constant in providing the most Immunoglobulin protein allowed in a non-prescription substance. Extreme Immunity only alters its formula when the FDA changes its requirements or when nutritional scientists discover more efficient ways for IgG protein to be absorbed into the body's immune system.

Extreme Immunity does not add anything to its pure immune boosting formula. The extracted Immunoglobulin and Albumin Concentrate gives it a slightly almond color. The natural flavor, which some people find objectionable, can be masked by mixing it in a daily smoothie (or substituted with capsules). Extreme Immunity will never dilute or compromise its formula by adding any artificial colors or flavors.

Now Available in Enteric Coated Capsules

Enteric coating allows the immunoglobulin and albumin proteins to bypass stomach acids to be digested and absorbed in the lower intestines. This has allowed us to price the capsules the same as the bulk powder. The recommended dosage of the powder is 5 grams (scoop included in each package).

If you are taking the capsules, you should take three in the morning and three before bedtime. Can be taken with or without food. Capsules are more convenient for travel and for those whose busy schedules make it difficult to make a smoothie.

Mixing Extreme Immunity

A trace amount of Sunflower Lecithin is added to help with flow. When mixing in a blender, add powder as the last ingredient to protect the integrity of the IgG protein. Do not heat.

Latest Scientific Research

We are continually going through mounds of all the latest research and data available to us and we came up with one thing over and over again… IgG is an amazing compound, which we have grown to love… but it’s not the “whole body solution” we’re looking for to truly make the biggest impact in your daily health! That led us to the latest discoveries about Serum Albumin Concentrate!

Serum Albumin Concentrate

Albumin is the largest anti-oxidant in circulating plasma in the body. It provides a whole laundry list of immune boosting responsibilities: 1) Detox 2) Anti-oxidant 3) Endotoxin removal 4) Binding to free iron & copper (which the free form causes a host of problems in the body)

Transporting Vital Nutrients

Albumin is the “currency of the body”, meaning it transports vital nutrients into your cells. Very few compounds can do this and NONE are better than Albumin in feeding your cells. It also helps your body naturally absorb Nitric Oxide, an important biological regulator. Imagine having a constant supply of cellular energy because your mitochondria (the cell’s power producers, or energy factories) are getting the vital nutrients they need! What do you think would happen if your cells are happy and pumping out energy at a record rate? Think you might feel energized as well? Absolutely!


IgG is the main antibody isotype found in blood and protects the body from infection. Those of you who have used Extreme Immunity know that this is a big reason for Extreme Immunity’s continued success by word of mouth.

Serum Albumin Concentrate and IgG are derived from Bovine Plasma, the best source for Albumin and Immunoglobulin. Extreme Immunity has 14% IgG concentration (about 4x the amount of most high-grade whey products), on top of the 60% Albumin concentration. It truly has the best of both of the most potent immune boosters available without a prescription. We do not dilute Extreme Immunity with herbal fillers. Herbs do play an important part in our overall health, but NONE have been shown to provide the immune-boosting qualities that Immunoglobulin and Albumin provide. There is a very limited supply of Serum Albumin Concentration in the world, even smaller than pure Immunglobulin. I realize it sounds a bit like a sales pitch, but it is a fact. Serum Albumin is expensive to make and only yields a very small amount during the extraction process. However, Extreme Immunity is committed to both quality and affordability. We have held the cost the same as it has been since 2009.

Extreme Immunity Natural Dietary Supplement with Essential Immunoglobulin Proteins

Taken as a daily supplement to your diet, Extreme Immunity will help in boosting your immune system to protect you against auto-immune diseases.

Extreme Immunity is also used in Sports Nutrition as a supplement to build immunity that can often become suppressed during intensive training. People with severely compromised immune systems can benefit from the immunity building properties of the Immunoglobulin Proteins and Albumin contained in Extreme Immunity. Extreme Immunity contains a patented protein isolate, rich source of IgG, IgA, and IgM containing transferrin, endotoxin binding proteins, and other protein forms that support the immune system. When combined with other less effective ingredients, you are getting a diluted product. Extreme Immunity contains no added ingredients or empty fillers. Even herbs such as echinacea or golden seal, while effective in the fight against immunity disorders, are not used to dilute the full effect of Extreme Immunity. We offer you the most potent immune booster available without a prescription, and below name brand prices.

Nutritional Information (powder label and capsule labels shown here):

Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are for informational purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease. Consult your physician, naturopath, chiropractor or holistic doctor if you have any questions related to how Extreme Immunity can work as part of your overall health plan. Extreme Immunity's natural dietary supplement for the immune system is manufactured and packaged under the strictest quality control measures in the United States.