Please note that many of these testimonials are from people who purchased Extreme Immunity through Amazon and the reviews are posted there as well. Therefore, not all will display name and/or location and some have been edited for brevity.


“I am very happy with my order. I have been taking the Extreme Immunity now for about a week. I have been taking all sorts of supplements and essential oils for months. Nothing has shown results like this. I have tons of energy. I feel better than I have felt in years. I can’t believe its potency. I mix grape juice and ice together first and then I add a scoop of powder and it tastes like a smoothie. My daughter went to a theme park in Ohio this past weekend and it was freezing cold and raining while she was there. She is not sick at all. She also runs cross country and its cold here in Michigan and she has been healthy when all the other kids at school are sick. Its a wonderful product. I am so happy that after all the money I spent on wasted products I finally found you. I won’t ever be without it again. Thank you.”

– D. Cohen, West Bloomfield, MI (Oct 2013)

Sustained Energy

“My energy level is significantly better since using Extreme Immunity. Within a few weeks of using it, I noticed that I was not needing my afternoon naps to get through the day. This is a miracle because I could barely make it until noon before. Thinking that maybe something else was the cause, I stopped taking Extreme Immunity when my bottle ran out and my fatigue came back within a few days. I ordered more and was glad that it arrived quickly because I am a much happier person when I take it.”

– R. Hernandez, St. Louis, Missouri

Great Workouts with Quick Recovery!

“I have been using Extreme Immunity for almost two months and the results have been truly amazing! I recover so much faster from my workouts and the difference in my appearance has been noticeable not only by me, but by people in my office. I get a much better workout in a 45 minute session than I used to. I am leaner with more muscle mass. I was tempted to keep this my own secret but I decided to share the information. I think you’ll be hearing from a few of my friends.”

– K. Talbot, Madison, Wisconsin

Teacher Immunized Against Elementary School Germs

“I am an elementary school teacher and these cute little kids are walking petri dishes full of germs. I was getting sick too often and then infecting the rest of my family. After taking this every day, I didn’t get sick once the whole winter. That’s a first for me!”

– R. Lynn, Ann Arbor, Michigan

From a Man With an Advanced Immune Disorder

“Wow! this Extreme Immunity is great! I started taking it yesterday and I could feel the difference quick. Well, my energy level went up. speed went up and am so glad that I found this product. It’s great!!! There are many people who need this also. The job I have I needed this product and it is great. Well, in the past I have tried a number of other products, but this immunity beat them all. Thank you very much. I take it with my boost drink. God Bless you in a great way!!!”

– M. Cook, Dallas, Texas

A Mom’s Point of View

“I don’t have the credentials of being a biochemist or a pre-med student, as the other reviewers, but from a mom’s point of view . . . This supplement is wonderful! I’m always on the go while taking care of two young boys and a husband. While I make sure my family eats correctly and get all their nutrition, I tend to put myself on the back burner. I make sure I get my ice coffee in the morning and more or less just snack until dinner time when we eat as a family. I was getting sick all the time and I knew it was because I wasn’t taking care of myself. I started adding Extreme Immunity and a protein supplement to my ice coffee in the morning and I haven’t been sick in 6 months. That’s saying a lot!!! I plan to talk to my sons prediatrican next appointment to see if he recommends it for my sons during the school year when they always have the runny noses and that evil strep throat.”

– Tara (Aug 2008)

Worth the Price

Ironically I received my first shipment of this stuff the night before I got sick with the flu. I took one dose the night I received it and the morning after. That morning I started feeling sick so I went home from work and added another dose of the Extreme Immunity to a small glass of milk. After a nap, I took yet another dose. I felt cruddy during the day, but after one day full of napping and a long night’s sleep I felt MUCH better. I was almost 100% the day after, which is the fastest recovery I’ve ever had from the flu. I attribute this speedy recovery mostly to the E.I. as well as a lot of rest and fluids. I continue to take one dose per day, mixed into my cereal or protein shake in the morning and I haven’t gotten sick with a cold yet, despite the fact that I almost always get a runny/stuffy nose when the weather begins to get colder in the fall. If it’s mixed in milk you don’t even notice it- there’s no flavor and the texture is similar to whey powder. It is a little expensive, but if you factor in the costs of treating sickness, time off, and the misery of being sick I’d say it is well worth the expense.”

-T. Yoder; Sugarcreek, OH (Oct 2009)


“I’m the only one in my department after the redic flu shots who didn’t get sickthanks to this immunitywhooza product”

-Sonya (Oct 2013)

Replaces Daily Vitamins

“This product is amazing! I am now a lifer! no need for a daily vitamin with extreme immunity. Thank you.”

– B. Mitchell (Oct 2013)


“So far its been amazing. I think it has helped me from not getting migraines as long as l took it every day. I take it in the mornings, mixing one scoop with 1/2 cup almond milk. The taste is a little different but not bad. I also think it has helped the arthritis in my knee. I’m 51 now and try to exercise. Before I started taking this, it was very difficult to get my knee and hip moving but I’m very surprised at how well I feel… best part though is no more headaches!”

– S. Richardson (Sep 2013)

Systemic Candidiasis

“Cannot believe the difference. I feel more energized, and in better moods. Helps to regulate my hormones, and my immune system. Having a systemic illness is tough, but Extreme Immunity is a MUST! I found out I had Systemic Candidiasis four years ago. Well after thousands spent on doctor’s visits, with no answers or solutions, (other than to cut our organs or medicate my symptoms away) I FINALLY found something that alleviates many of my symptoms. Anyone with Chron’s, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, please research the science behind this product. Four years of me looking into auto-immune diseases and taking EVERY supplement known to man…..I can finally say that this is one that works. Not synthetically, but naturally. It allows your body to produce more natural HGH(Human Growth Hormone), which naturally decreases with age and especially in someone with an autoimmune illness. I am so very satisfied with this great product. A devoted fan.”

– H.R. (Jun 2013)

Biochemist Likes the Immunoglobulins

“I am a biochemist and have used the active ingredients in Extreme Immunity for more than 7 years. It is a safe and effective protein containing the same immunoglobulins that our own body has, and uses.”

– J. Stitley; Sedona, AZ (Jan 2008)

Sore Throat Gone

“Actually, I rarely get sick. But when I do, it always seems to get into my chest and lingers. My first experience with this product was when I had the beginnings of a bad cold and a terrible sore throat. Could hardly swallow. I was prepared for a week of hell. That evening I took two scoops of Extreme Immunity instead of the recommended one scoop. My first time ever using it! The next morning I had not so much as a tickle in my throat, and just a slight cold that lasted only two days. I’ve been taking it ever since and wouldn’t think of starting off my day without it.”

– R. Burrows, Washougal, Washington (Feb 2009)

Improved Digestive Tract

“I have been using Extreme Immunity for over a year now. I did extensive research on the use of immunoglobulin as an immune support against viruses and for athletic performance enhancement. The product is the only powered form of naturally occurring immunoglobulin that allows for a large dose (when sick) that I could find (there is a tablet form from a large Pharma Co–but to take the dose I wanted I would have to take a large handful of tablets). There are many added benefits that I discovered while using Extreme Immunity: I am sick a lot less; I recover from illness faster; and my digestive track is better. It is great product.”

– C. Dwight, Portland, Oregon

Pre-Med Student with Focus on Nutrition

“This is a great product. I am a pre-med student with a focus on nutrition and have studied many health care supplements, and tried a great many too. Out of everything out there, most products are marginally effective.”

– G. Herdman (Feb 2008)

#1 Supplement

“If I were to recommend you take only take one supplement out of the tens of thousands offered out there, it would be this one. Probably over even a multi-vitamin. Give it a try, you’ll be impressed as well.”

– P. Anderson, Portland, Oregon

Allergies and Sinus Problems

“I’m a school teacher who was infected by a mold allergy. My sinuses clogged up, my throat was raw, and I had zero energy. Antibiotics didn’t work on me. So I took 10 grams of Extreme Immunity and in 30-minutes my sinuses opened, my sore throat was gone, and I felt good enough to drive.”

– V. Timmins, Newberg, Oregon

IBS Sufferer

“I’ve struggled with IBS all my life, and I’ve tried everything to get it under control – diet, exercise, supplements, etc. This is the only thing that I’ve found that works.. all-natural, and only costs $1 a day. I’m hoping that it will ease the inflammation associated with my eosinophilic esophagitis, too.”

– Allie (Mar 2011)

It Works!

“I am not sure how this is working, but I haven’t catching cold or flu even I am around with sick people. This is unusual for me, I have very low immune system and always sick in during the winter season.”

– J. Park; San Mateo,CA (Dec 2013)


“This is awesome!!! I haven’t felt this good in months. It’s great mixed in juice, milk, yogurt, etc… Fair warningdon’t try to take it without mixing it in something.”

– S. Dean (Dec 2013)

Will Reorder

“I have been taking this product for around a month and a half and I feel it has really helped my immune system. I take it in the mornings and have felt more energetic and healthier in general. It’s pricey, but if you feel like your immune system could use a boost, I definitely recommend. About to reorder. I forgot to mention that the taste is absolutely disgusting, but if you can get beyond that, it’s a great product.”

– A. Thomas (Nov 2013)

Mix with Emergen-C!!

I have to say this has helped so far with my allergies and colds. Those that say this product tastes horrible are correct. This tastes absolutely terrible without mixing it into something. I’ve found a method to make this not bad at all. Mix this with Emergen-C mix. The flavor of Emercen-C completely masks the taste and gives you daily vitamin C! I will continue to buy this and keep my immune system in check thanks!

– S. Collins (Nov 2013)

Great Stuff

“I bought it for a problem I was having. Its been two months and problem is not coming back.”

– M. Bender; Port Saint Lucie, FL (Nov 2013)

Works Great

“This product is great better in milk or smoothie, you will feel it working….I really love it will definitely buy this product forever.”

– Pinky (Aug 2013)

So Far.. So Good!

“In Oct. & Nov. of 2011, I had two of the worst, longest lasting colds I ever had in my 55+ years. I started taking this in Dec. 2011, and the last 4 months have been cold & flu free, in spite of being around all sorts of sniffling, sneezing people.

Here’s an update on 5/5/12:
Just got over a whopper of a cold/flu bug- my wife didn’t want to take the powder, and she’s still sick after 2 and a half weeks- I jacked my intake up to 3 level scoops per day when I felt the first symptoms and I was over the bug and back to work in 4 days- no exaggeration! I’m sold on this stuff!!

Another update on 1/21/13:
A month ago, felt like I was getting sick- upped my dosage and felt better the 

next day! Shortly after, I ran out of my supply- about a week later, got a nasty, nasty cold and still fighting it after a week. Maybe all of this is coincidental, but I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. I’m gonna make sure I never run out of this stuff again!!”

– P.M.; MT (Jan 2013)


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